Peduli Kesehatan, Babinsa Koramil 1312-07/Miangas Dampingi Tim Kesehatan


Talaud – Babinsa Koramil 1312-07 / Miangas, Serda Aser Papea and Health Post Posad 711 / Raksatama accompanied the health team from the Miangas Community Health Center in providing Polio immunization to toddlers in Miangas Village, Special District of Miangas, Talaud Islands District, Tuesday (14/1).

Located in the Miangas Village pavilion, Koramil 07 / Miangas members, Serda Aser Papea together with Health Bintara from Posad 711 / Rks Serda Rustam E Baladatu assisted Miangas puskesmas staff to assist with the implementation of the Polio vaccine against toddlers on the outer island of Miangas.

Meanwhile, Dandim 1312 / Talaud, Lt. Col. Czi Irwan Guptarochman said how important health is especially for toddlers and young children who are vulnerable to various diseases, especially on the outer island of Miangas which borders directly with the Philippines.

In this activity, residents who have children under five years old are first given socialization and understanding of nutritious food for toddlers by the Miangas Community Health Center Team.

The Head of the Community Health Center, Albert Nusa expressed his deepest gratitude to Serda Aser Papea and Serda Rustam E Baladatu for assisting the health team in providing Polio immunization, as a form of TNI’s concern for the community and residents of the village. (Red).

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